We work almost with any material to create an object that corresponds to your imagination with proper texture, shape and color.

Spending more than 20 years in the field of art and antique restoration we have collected traditional knowledge of working with metal, stone, ceramic, wood and much more. Almost every craft that doesn’t involve a computer got into our scope one way or another.

In our digital era we want to preserve traditional skills that shaped humanity throughout thousands of years, skills that have seemingly been put aside, if not forgotten for the last 50 years.

We can do (skills and processes):

Clay modeling
Precision painting (airbrush/ spraygun)
Printmaking (etching/ block printing)
Mold making
Carving in stone
Metal casting
Metalworking (tools)

Since we have been mostly working with great examples of art that survived criticism of time, all the processes are made with deep knowledge of anatomy, composition, art history and aesthetics.

If you have something in mind – let us know and we will bring it to life!